Have the best Skin While Traveling

When people had told me they were “getting ready” for vacation months ahead of time, I used to be vaguely confused. How is there so much packing to do that you start over eight weeks before you leave? Also, how do you have such an abundance of favorite clothing that you can spare all of those tops sitting in your suitcase? And, really, what does it even mean to get ready that far ahead of time?

Needless to say the idea of gearing up that far in advance never occurred to me, personally. Well, now I have a baby, and it is starting to make sense. Yes, we are bringing her so it is not as if I need to coordinate childcare. Yet we have so much to get done before we can go—specifically working and existing for the next days until we leave. That in and of itself is so much preparation! [Throw on the implications of a tropical vacation and my calendar is packed for the next two months. (Side note: I did core strengthening for the first time in goodness knows how long last night, and I am incredibly sore. I’m making a mental note not to slip off that train again.)]

Another thing I need to stay on top of before vacation is my skin. Every time we have gone to Hawaii, my face has gotten oily and generally unhappy from the humidity. Seeing as all I can seem to do before this vacation is twiddle my thumbs and keep a baby alive before we take off, I am going to focus on a small skincare regimen to keep things happy and in pristine condition so as to eliminate complications when we land in our tropical oasis.

Firstly, I am going to get back on schedule with exfoliating using the “30 Second Beauty Rescue Peel”. Since working for Dahliana and meeting our guru, Carola, I have learned that it’s more about using a gentle exfoliant regularly than just scrubbing harshly when you finally realize your skin needs it. A few great things about our “30 Second Beauty Rescue Peel”: it is not too harsh for your face; it is vegan/raw/organic; it also gently hydrates; and it does all of this in 30 seconds! (The main reason I generally steer clear of “masks” is I cannot stand having something sitting so heavily on my face for 20-30 minutes so the last point is truly amazing to me.) My skin seems to respond best to using it twice a week so I am back on my Sunday/Thursday night schedule in preparation for Maui.

Secondly, I need to get rid of some tiny breakouts on my forehead. I love Dahliana’s “Resveratrol Antioxidant Serum”. I discovered it while receiving a facial exclusively using Dahliana products after seeking treatment for my pre-wedding, post-bachelorette-party breakout. I hadnever had acne in my life, and this resveratrol serum saved me. Now anytime I have a small blemish, I make sure to use the resveratrol twice daily and give a little extra attention to the problem areas. Additionally, it is incredibly high in antioxidants—as Carola says, “It’s like supercharged vitamin C serum”—

Finally, I need to hydrate my cheeks and chin. I have combination skin, as you may have deduced thus far, and everywhere outside of my T-zone seems to be susceptible to dryness. Although the humidity of the tropics can be good for this, the harshness of the climate change confuses my skin when I arrive with it already feeling unhappy/dry. My favorite soothing moisturizer is Dahliana’s Seabuckthorn Berry Crème. It is an incredible moisturizer that penetrates the skin’s layers and does not leave a sticky feeling like some other intense moisturizers. So, in preparation, I will stay on top of using Dahliana’s Seabuckthorn Berry Crème every evening before bed.

It is important to note that I also use Dahliana’s Refreshing Citrus Cleanser in tandem with these products. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and has such a light lovely scent. It may sound silly, but the foam of it is just the perfect, luxurious amount to make it feel soft and creamy as you apply it to your face. So while it is compelling on the surface, the citrus cleanser also provides a light exfoliation providing a perfect base. After doing my circular motions on the cheeks and forehead, always pushing upward and in contrast to where wrinkles may set in, a cool rinse and pat dry has me ready for whatever is next on the list.

Being as my skin is fairly sensitive and combination, this regimen could very well work for you on your next getaway! Dahliana’s 30 Second Beauty Rescue Peel twice a week (feel free to join me Sunday & Wednesday evenings!) is perfect for exfoliating and ridding of just enough surface cells without being too harsh. Use Resveratrol morning and night after cleansing with the Refreshing Citrus Cleanser and layer Seabuckthorn Berry Crème on top in the evenings on any areas that tend to dry out. If you are not sure what products may be best for you and a change of climate, or even just on a daily basis, you are always welcome to e-mail us with any questions! Safe travels, friends!

Carola MayComment