Why Fresh Ingredients Are So Important

Here at Dahliana we talk about using fresh, raw ingredients a lot so you may be wondering why this idea of “fresh” is so important. We all enjoy fresh food or a fresh wardrobe for the new season, but why freshness is associated with our skincare can be confusing. There are several benefits provided by fresh fruits, vegetables, and even flowers that have us constantly sourcing the best ingredients to ensure they are of optimal quality for our products.

One of our main goals is to provide chemical-free skincare by reducing the need for what are commonly known as secondary ingredients. These are generally found when something is made with a natural ingredient that requires preservation. For example, aloe is found in many beauty products. However, because it is an organic compound, aloe requires chemicals to preserve it and ensure it stays fresh within a product. When a company utilizes aloe in their products, they buy the aloe from a supplier that has already preserved it. This makes it unnecessary to list the secondary ingredient(s) used to ensure the aloe’s stability.

By using fresh ingredients here at Dahliana, we are able to eliminate the “pickling,” that unnaturally extends an ingredient’s shelf life because the product gets to you sooner than if our ingredients were to be processed before getting to us. Furthermore, we are able to choose what secondary ingredients we use in our products to ensure we use the highest quality additives that do not sacrifice our core values, and we always list them.

Another benefit of fresh, raw ingredients is that they contain more nutrients and naturally beneficial components for your skin that would otherwise be eliminated by the preservation process. For example, our resveratrol is made from fresh-pressed organic grapes and our antioxidants are acquired from several fresh-pressed juices and extracts to ensure maximum potency while being able to source these benefits naturally.

At Dahliana we believe in providing the best skincare for all skin types and a key component to that is eliminating chemicals and harsh additives. By using fresh, raw ingredients we are able to provide you with the highest quality natural skincare without sacrificing these beliefs.  

Carola MayComment