30 Second Beauty Rescue Peel

30 Second Beauty Rescue Peel


Dahliana’s “30 Second Beauty Rescue Intensive Flash Peel" is a amazing natural alternative to glycolic peels. This vegan peel contains organic and delicious ingredients: “creamy coconut, spirulina, and peppermint”. Spirulina is a super-food taking an unprecedented and unique approach toward achieving a beautiful complexion. Dahliana’s “Intensive Flash Peel” is a unique and powerful Peel that can accelerate your daily skincare ritual in 30 seconds. Whilst decreasing the appearance of pores, hydrating and brightening skin. Dahliana’s “30 Second Beauty Rescue Intensive Flash Peel” helps your skin appear tighter and plumper in minutes.  Mild mint and vanilla notes from essential oils.

Airless Pump Jar

1 OZ


Oily, Normal, Mature, Dry, Combination, Acneic


Apply to freshly washed skin. Press pump to release a dime sized amount into palm. Dab product onto face with fingertips and massage into skin in small circles until evenly covered. Leave on for 30 seconds, up to 1 minute for non sensitive skin. Wash thoroughly with cool water. Use at night. Skin may turn pink and will return to normal. This is part of the results. May be used once a week. This powerful Peel replaces Chemical RX Peels.


Made with Natural and Certified Organic ingredients:
Coconut oil
Vanilla Fruit
Shea Butter
Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil
Chemical and Paraben-Free


Coconut oil is the key for beautiful skin

Peppermint oil contains menthol and brightens the look of dull skin

Helps softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Exfoliate your skin without harsh chemicals

Paraben free

Gluten free



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