Naughty List Exposed: Fragrances

At Dahliana, we are doing our part to eliminate the issue of chemicals from everyday beauty regimens. The beautiful thing about pampering yourself is that you are taking care of yourself; the addition of toxins completely defeats this purpose! All Dahliana products are free of “fragrance” and the sweet smells many have come to love are derived from our raw, natural ingredients that include aromatherapy oils .

Many people think they are allergic to a fragrance due to a specific scent (like flowers in spring) but don’t know that fragrances are primarily composed of manmade chemicals that commonly cause these discomforts. It takes nearly 200 of these chemicals to make a single scent and that is from a list of about 5000 chemicals that are used to make all fragrances. Essentially, these artificial scents are made of toxic chemicals that one would otherwise wear gloves when utilizing. This applies not only to things you would use specifically for the purpose of smelling good like perfume and air fresheners, but unassuming commodities throughout your home including beauty products, laundry detergent, dish soap, facial tissues, etc.

Concerning ingredients found in many fragrances are phthalates, petroleum-based additives that allow a fragrance’s composition to remain consistent. There are several downsides to phthalates; they have been shown to adversely affect hormone balances and cause birth defects, particularly in males, as well as wreaking reproductive harm in women. Pthalates also show indications of being carcinogenic. (Although the jury is still officially out within the scientific community, this makes sense when considering phthalates cause hormonal disruptions.)

With regard to allergies, fragrances are generally known to cause reactions due to their chemical compositions, as previously mentioned. Most of these toxins are not listed within fragrances’ ingredients lists because scents are considered proprietary information. “Fragrance” denoted on the aforementioned lists suffices without naming any specific chemicals. This is why many “hypoallergenic” products are scent-free as the majority of contact dermatitis is found to be caused by the ever-elusive “fragrance.”

So what is the problem? We have been exposed to these things since goodness knows when and made it this far, but there are so many things that have yet to be explained with people’s health. Constant headaches, respiratory issues, digestive problems, and even cancer cannot always be traced to a specific cause.

So what do we do? We get back to basics. Eliminating toxins from your everyday life can lead to better health and understanding triggers that exist in our daily routines from toxins.

Given the damage toxins impose on our bodies when incorporated into our daily lives, we at Dahliana believe in eliminating these additives from our products. We can have our cake and eat it too by simply using natural scents that also happen to improve the function of our products, like the vanilla in our Daily Therapy Scrub.