I live surrounded by the most enchanted Sierra Mountains in California. Every day we are allowed to enjoy the tall forests of Cedars and Redwoods overhead and are comforted by the flowing Yuba river. My day trip on horses with my friend Alicia Funk (Author of the book "Living Wild" and CEO of the "Living Wild Project": includes riding our horses on a spring day high up in the mountains. The fields are full of Wildflowers and Golden California Poppies. The scent in the air is so fresh and healing to the soul that I started dreaming of capturing a skincare product with spring and wildflowers in a bottle. It felt to me like a Wildflower serum would be appropriate to capture the California spring! 

We needed to include a healing blend of fruits and flowery aromatherapy to give this serum the most aromatic natural hint of the colorful meadows. 

We rode home that afternoon with thoughts of flowers, the mountains and the fresh air of spring,  Rejuvenated and Young again!

Now we have created the perfect serum for you! Just opening the "Wildflower Youth serum" your skin will be soaking up the precious ingredients and inherent healing properties of of this serum. Enjoy!)

Carola MayComment