My name is Carola and I am the founder of Dahliana Skincare. I have always had pretty good skin, but when I started being concerned about aging and wanted to use natural, organic anti-aging skincare products, I was left with nothing. I have tried and sold many well known brands of skincare over the years while working at Dermatologist offices and Med Spa clinics. We had received hundreds of promotional skincare products to try. Whenever I tried any of the skincare, natural or commercial, I always seemed to end up getting strange pimples and rashes. It was my body's way of telling me that there was something unnatural in the product that was irritating my skin. I was determined to find something that worked for my skin.

When we created Dahliana Skincare products we found out that other skincare companies don't include secondary preservatives in their ingredients list, they also were not bio-fermented and did not include fresh juices. Most of our Dahliana ingredients are sourced right here in North America for quality control. There are so many details that are rarely revealed in natural skincare. Your best bet is to educate yourself.

Dahliana makes sure you get the purest and freshest skincare!  Every ingredient is calibrated to insure the most profound cell renewal.

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