Treat yourself to an instant Facial Treatment with Dahliana’s “30 Second Beauty Rescue” Peel

Note: Always try to determine what skin care products will be best suited for your skin type

  1. First, Prep by deeply cleansing the skin with Dahliana “Refreshing Citrus cleanser” or any non-oily cleanser.

  2. Remove all dirt by cleansing the skin a second time. Wash with warm water and pat dry.

  3. Apply Dahliana “30 Second Beauty Rescue” Peel to freshly washed and dampened skin. Use one pump for light exfoliation and two pumps for deeper exfoliation.

  4. Leave “30 Second Beauty Rescue” on the skin for 30 seconds and gently wash off.

    (“30 Second Beauty Rescue” Peel may be left on longer dependent on various skin sensitivity levels. Varied degrees of pinkness or flushing may occur for a short time thereafter.

Become a Part of The Exfoliation Nation!

Begin exfoliating with scrubs in your twenties and Peels in your Thirties and help boost collagen production and create radiant skin.

The Skin’s natural mechanism for shedding skin cells slows down in your late twenties, creating dull skin when not exfoliated. Exfoliation helps your entire skincare routine work better and gives your skin an instant glow and radiance.

Exfoliate at night to give your skin time to regenerate overnight.

Find balance

Too much Peeling and exfoliating can be harmful, especially with products containing harsh chemicals.
(Strong chemical Peels should only be used monthly and are recommend only to be used with a professional)

Retain Moisture

Many Peels may dry out the skin. Dahliana “30 Second Beauty rescue” Peel is a deeply hydrating and cleansing treatment that exfoliates at the same time.
“30 Second Beauty Rescue” Peel is perfect for all skin types!

Following your peel make sure to use one of Dahliana’s extra hydrating moisturizers and in circular motion, gently massage into the skin for 30 seconds.

Your skin will now absorb more moisture and nutrients making this the perfect time to pamper your complexion.

Enjoy your soft and glowing skin
Always make sure to Apply Sunblock if you are planning on going into the sun.

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