What Are The Most Powerful Ingredients To Look For In Moisturizers?

In a world where we are overrun by advertisement and brand names for skin care products, given promises and often misleading and confusing messages…

One has to has to ask them self, why are we not learning to look for ingredients instead of following celebrities advice? 

Having worked in medical offices and skin care clinics for years and having been inundated with skincare product samples from every company on the market today. One must learn to look deeper than just packaging and good marketing.

We work hard for our money, and we want to spend our money on high-quality products. 

While I am so excited to share some amazing skincare ingredients with you, there are also many ingredients to steer clear of. Keep in mind that learning to read skincare ingredients is important if you want to fetch high-quality products.

Though sometimes it becomes hard to sift through the jungle of ingredients, here are a few tips to be aware of when navigating the landscape for quality skincare:

Number one: Shelf Life. How long has the product been sitting on a shelf? How active is your product at the time of purchase?

Fragrance and Perfumes. Shy away from perfumes or any non-natural forms of fragrance. Fragrance tends to carry multiple forms of secondary unlisted proprietary ingredients and can be very irritating to your precious skin.
Make sure to look at the base ingredients of the product. What are the ingredients listed in the product? Does the Ingredient list contain a chronology of quality ingredients and will your skin will be able to absorb them from the product.


Water tends to be typically used as a base ingredient. However, Aloe Vera is a far superior ingredient and is much more hydrating.
Hydration is the key to beautiful skin. When your skin is in the balance, it will maintain a stronger, more protective, natural barrier.

Your skin’s barrier may easily become stripped while washing your face with Sulfates and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These are ingredients you should stay clear of when purchasing facial cleansers. 

Chemically laden facial cleansers as such can cost you more with the use of additional moisturizers and may cause skin irritation. 

In my personal experience and expertise, I have found natural products to be far better for your health, skin, and Body. Fewer chemicals are always better for your skin and body and naturally tend to be more protective 

A good, solid goal when choosing skincare is to look for organic, vegan products. This guarantees that your products have not been tested on animals and tends to narrow the focus toward plant-based bio-active forms of ingredients.

Consider fresh and natural ingredients that will nourish your skin, body and realistically relate to your overall well-being, just by reading.

Here are some many great natural skincare ingredients that have no side effects:


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid  sounds chemical but is naturally in our body. Hyaluronic acid is a wonderful and powerful humectant that keeps your skin firm and plump. If you keep hydrating with this wonderful ingredient, your skin will have a younger more youthful look. 


Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to have higher antioxidant strength and efficiency than Vitamins E, and Vitamin C. Resveratrol uses its potent antioxidant effects by scavenging existing free radicals. This ingredient helps repair skin cells, lighten dark spots and heal small breakouts. 


Peptides work by signaling the cells to create more collagen. Sounds too good to be true?

While we still do not know much about how exactly Peptides work they have been found to have a profound effect on collagen building.

There are many Peptides to choose from.

Grape Seed Extract


Grape Seed is great for Psoriasis and Eczema. Grape Seed aids in maintaining and protecting collagen, skin elasticity and your skin barrier. This ingredient helps your skin to more youthful firmness. 

Co-Enzyme Q10

In-depth studies have been done and have shown Co-Q10 to helps improve* wrinkles and fine lines. Co-Enzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant.

There is no one right answer to anti-aging ingredients. The studies are ongoing. However, a good blend of different products with different key ingredients will help you cover a lot more ground. 

If you don’t see results in a few weeks or a month a good bet is the product is not performing. When in doubt do your own research on ingredients at the EWG Website.

The demand for transparency in Beauty Products is growing!

With the increase* of pollution and chemicals all around us, it is most suitable to begin protecting ourselves at square one, by paying attention to what we eat and what we put on our skin! 

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