Starting Skincare Young

Here at Dahliana we strive to preserve as well as reaffirm your youthful glow. The beauty industry’s contemporary solutions are often invasive and/or unhealthy procedures and products that promise to turn back the clock and restore younger looking skin. Dahliana’s modern products utilize new scientific advancements and technologies in a natural way that helps elicit your body’s own ability to have beautiful skin; this eliminates the need for harsh outside sources like lasers, scalpels, and syringes. That being said, as the saying goes, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” thus making it very important to begin your beauty regimens early.

The overarching culprit of aging is cellular degeneration--our skin (and body for that matter) no longer contain the necessary components to give us that youthful glow. Two things that largely contribute to an aging complexion are the degeneration of DNA and general havoc wreaked by free radicals.

As we grow, our DNA functions as blueprints to help our bodies mature, function, and maintain healthy processes. Along the way it incurs damage and must continue to repair itself so that pieces of these blueprints are not lost thus maintaining its integrity. Contributing culprits include UV radiation, free radicals, and our bodies simply not being able to keep up with the constant repair process. If we start our skincare regimen early to protect the inherent integrity of these vital structures while minimizing compounding damage we are likely to maintain a younger complexion.

Dahliana’s products contain fruit stem cells derived from fresh juices to aid in DNA repair and cellular regeneration so your skin cells stay healthy. These structures are able to provide vital components that help your body keep up with cellular repair and slow degeneration of your DNA therefor allowing you to maintain a youthful complexion longer.

Which brings us to free radicals. Free radicals themselves are simply single oxygen cells. Sounds harmless, right? Well, if you remember high school chemistry, oxygen atoms are stable in pairs, but once they are free to roam solo, they find other things to bond with in an effort to neutralize their charge. This includes YOU--on a cellular level--and proteins, mitochondria, and DNA are all bonded with inside your cells. This disrupts the natural processes that produce vital skin components like collagen and elastin thus skin begins to wrinkle, sag, discolor, etc. By preventing these oxidizing agents from damaging skin in the first place, the skin’s propensity to age is slowed significantly.

Resveratrol is Dahliana’s solution to free radicals: it is a powerful antioxidant we get from organic grapes. This compound bonds with those pesky oxygen atoms and prevents them from damaging your skin. Your complexion is subsequently free to maintain a healthy, youthful glow. When incorporated into a beauty regimen earlier in life, resveratrol is able to assist in maintaining your healthy complexion rather than only simply reversing damage done;

At Dahliana we believe in taking care of your skin out of love rather than necessity (i.e. maintaining vitality rather than reversing damage done). Our products contain key ingredients derived from natural sources to aid in DNA repair and cellular regeneration while removing the element of free radicals. They are most effective when incorporated into beauty regimens early
on in life by aiding in cellular maintenance rather than simply attempting to reverse damage done. When cells are unable to degenerate in the first place, they are more likely to continue reproducing and maintaining in a healthier fashion with their DNA and structures intact. We help your skin feeling and looking healthy starting at the most basic cellular level. This translates in to hydrated and glowing skin. 

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