Dahliana Skin Care receives fourth Beauty Award by "Les Nouvelles Esthétique

Press Release: Dahliana “Les Nouvelles Esthetiques” magazine and the “Insider Guide For Spa’s” Awards 2016 November 10th 2016
Dahliana Skin Care

Dahliana is delighted to announce that it has been chosen for two Beauty Awards in 2016.

Since launching Dahliana in 2013, the brand has has received numerous Beauty awards for its cold pressed, age defiant, Vegan Skin Care products. Dahliana is renown for outstanding effective skin care with a truly fresh approach to raw beauty for multiple skin types.
The innovative “Skin Whisperer” behind the brand, also known as Carola May, is a German born woman with a deeply embedded background in Clinical Aesthetics. Carola believes that there are hidden roots behind the natural healing science of using cold-pressed juices, Extra Virgin Oils and natural fruit stem cell technologies for our skin. Carola says: “We can’t argue with the power of nature”! “When we align our skin and bodies with nature’s biology, we achieve a synergistic relationship, thus slowing down the process of aging both inside and out”.

How much more natural can we get, than by utilizing the natural biology of Plants and Fruit? Dahliana’s ingredients are 100% Organic when Possible, and are set to change the game of skin care. Dahliana is proud to announce their most recent award for “Best Skin Care product” Fall 2016, with “Les Nouvelles Esthetiques” Magazine and Dahliana’s Summer 2016 award for “Best Skincare Product” for their “Eye Renew Cream”, issued by the “Insider guide for Spas”.

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