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The Dahliana Ambassadors' carefree ease reflects their natural beauty and beauty habits.

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With an otherworldly voice, five albums to boot, and chart topping accolades many times over at #1 on the iTunes Top World Music Charts for almost 3 weeks straight,  and #3 on the Billboard Music Charts.....Simrit leads a full life with much travel.  

When did you first start singing? 

My first lessons were in the womb.  My mother was a singer while she was pregnant, and she was traveling and singing with me in the womb. My mom tells me that when I was a baby, I would sit on the floor of her salon and sing.  As a child I joined the church choir and school chorus.  I started actual voice training towards the end of my high school years, and then in college I sang in an African drumming company while playing the African drums simultaneously.  I then went on to study western and eastern classical vocals.  Now, I have a vocal coach who is my rock when it comes to vocal technique and vocal health.  Singing on the road the way I do is like being a professional athlete.  I have to keep my body and voice in shape in order to deliver the way I like to deliver, night after night. 

How do you describe the feeling when being on stage? 

It's home to me.  I LOVE playing with the band and singing.  The band is family, for sure.  When we are playing music together, all time and space disappears.  I'm so happy when I'm playing music.  I'm always at home anywhere when I'm playing music. 

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You live and travel on the road.Where do you feel most inspired to write your music?   

I write music everywhere.  While sometimes I sit in my music room and create, I can also write on the fly when ideas stream through at the most interesting times.  Therefore I always keep a small recorder with me so that I can document those melodies, lyrics, and arrangement ideas.  Sometimes I'll hear the whole orchestrated song in my head, therefore it's super important that I carry around a recorder.  It's my best friend.  I've written different songs in different states, countries, etc.  The melodies, lyrics, mantras, and songs are inspired by different life experiences in different places.

What did you experience when you tried out Dahliana Skin Care the first time?   

My skin felt incredibly smooth, looked brighter, and I actually felt a tingling sensation the very first time I put the products on my face.  I actually felt the products working very deeply, and my skin looks better now than it did a year ago, two years ago, and even better now than it did when I was in college.  What I LOVE about Dahliana products is that I can travel a lot(including lots of airplane flying), sometimes get very little sleep(even though good sleep is a part of my skin regime, along with lots of Kundalini Yoga), and also have a very full schedule.....but it always looks like I came out of the spa from a facial treatment.  This is the magic of Dahliana.  I LOVE that all the products actually contain a strong dose of live fruit stem cells and all the ingredients are raw.  I get compliments DAILY on my skin. Dahliana is the real deal, and the products continue to work for me day in and day out.....the longer I have used the products, the better my skin has looked.  It's that simple.  The products really work.  

What are your must have beauty items on tour that you can’t live without?  

Hahahah!  This is a funny question, because I use almost the entire line of Dahliana products.  They are way more effective than anything I've ever tried....and I've tried tons of different products on my skin since the time I was a teenager and was dealing with some teenage breakouts.  So hence, I've been making my skin a priority and have been trying different 'quality' products for many, many years.  If I had to name my 'must- haves', I would say...... OVERNIGHT FRUIT LIFT, RESVERATROL ANTIOXIDANT  SERUM, EYE RENEW CREAM, REFRESHING CITRUS CLEANSER, and the WILDFLOWER YOUTH SERUM. The new Rose Rehab Cream and so many more of the Dahliana products, but these are my must-haves.