Our entire line is geared specifically towards providing age preventing benefits to a wide range of skin types. Although there are many anti-aging products available, our search for an effective, all naturalluxury brand fell short. Dahliana was formed to utilize the inherent healing qualities we know to exist in the natural world and combine them into a powerful, working and active skin care line.

Through years of scientific research, and more importantly, clinical experience, the company founder has chosen each individual mixture with the particular aim of turning back the clock. This is accomplished by using a unique combination of powerful key ingredient. Fresh juices, naturally occurring fruit acids (AHA) and fruit stem cells provide an enzyme stimulated base and non-chemical bioactive results. These all work together to repair and protect your skin. We include the purest natural cold-pressed oils and aromatherapy in all of Dahliana's products. Our ingredients and products are never heated to insure the most potent skin care and freshest antioxidants for your skin.

Our fresh juices used in our products are brimming with powerful antioxidants and phyto-nutrients that are moleculary bio-assimilated and absorb into the deepest layers of the skin. Fresh organic juices contain more vitamins, minerals and live enzymes than juices from concentrates.

Be assured that each batch is blended from the freshest, most lively and pure ingredients out there with nothing superfluous added that could affect their potency.