Starting Skincare Young

Here at Dahliana we strive to preserve as well as reaffirm your youthful glow. The beauty industry’s contemporary solutions are often invasive and/or unhealthy procedures and products that promise to turn back the clock and restore younger looking skin. Dahliana’s modern products utilize new scientific advancements and technologies in a natural way that helps elicit your body’s own ability to have beautiful skin; this eliminates the need for harsh outside sources like lasers, scalpels, and syringes. That being said, as the saying goes, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” thus making it very important to begin your beauty regimens early.

The overarching culprit of aging is cellular degeneration--our skin (and body for that matter) no longer contain the necessary components to give us that youthful glow. Two things that largely contribute to an aging complexion are the degeneration of DNA and general havoc wreaked by free radicals.

As we grow, our DNA functions as blueprints to help our bodies mature, function, and maintain healthy processes. Along the way it incurs damage and must continue to repair itself so that pieces of these blueprints are not lost thus maintaining its integrity. Contributing culprits include UV radiation, free radicals, and our bodies simply not being able to keep up with the constant repair process. If we start our skincare regimen early to protect the inherent integrity of these vital structures while minimizing compounding damage we are likely to maintain a younger complexion.

Dahliana’s products contain fruit stem cells derived from fresh juices to aid in DNA repair and cellular regeneration so your skin cells stay healthy. These structures are able to provide vital components that help your body keep up with cellular repair and slow degeneration of your DNA therefor allowing you to maintain a youthful complexion longer.

Which brings us to free radicals. Free radicals themselves are simply single oxygen cells. Sounds harmless, right? Well, if you remember high school chemistry, oxygen atoms are stable in pairs, but once they are free to roam solo, they find other things to bond with in an effort to neutralize their charge. This includes YOU--on a cellular level--and proteins, mitochondria, and DNA are all bonded with inside your cells. This disrupts the natural processes that produce vital skin components like collagen and elastin thus skin begins to wrinkle, sag, discolor, etc. By preventing these oxidizing agents from damaging skin in the first place, the skin’s propensity to age is slowed significantly.

Resveratrol is Dahliana’s solution to free radicals: it is a powerful antioxidant we get from organic grapes. This compound bonds with those pesky oxygen atoms and prevents them from damaging your skin. Your complexion is subsequently free to maintain a healthy, youthful glow. When incorporated into a beauty regimen earlier in life, resveratrol is able to assist in maintaining your healthy complexion rather than only simply reversing damage done;

At Dahliana we believe in taking care of your skin out of love rather than necessity (i.e. maintaining vitality rather than reversing damage done). Our products contain key ingredients derived from natural sources to aid in DNA repair and cellular regeneration while removing the element of free radicals. They are most effective when incorporated into beauty regimens early
on in life by aiding in cellular maintenance rather than simply attempting to reverse damage done. When cells are unable to degenerate in the first place, they are more likely to continue reproducing and maintaining in a healthier fashion with their DNA and structures intact. We help your skin feeling and looking healthy starting at the most basic cellular level. This translates in to hydrated and glowing skin. 

Why Fresh Ingredients Are So Important

Here at Dahliana we talk about using fresh, raw ingredients a lot so you may be wondering why this idea of “fresh” is so important. We all enjoy fresh food or a fresh wardrobe for the new season, but why freshness is associated with our skincare can be confusing. There are several benefits provided by fresh fruits, vegetables, and even flowers that have us constantly sourcing the best ingredients to ensure they are of optimal quality for our products.

One of our main goals is to provide chemical-free skincare by reducing the need for what are commonly known as secondary ingredients. These are generally found when something is made with a natural ingredient that requires preservation. For example, aloe is found in many beauty products. However, because it is an organic compound, aloe requires chemicals to preserve it and ensure it stays fresh within a product. When a company utilizes aloe in their products, they buy the aloe from a supplier that has already preserved it. This makes it unnecessary to list the secondary ingredient(s) used to ensure the aloe’s stability.

By using fresh ingredients here at Dahliana, we are able to eliminate the “pickling,” that unnaturally extends an ingredient’s shelf life because the product gets to you sooner than if our ingredients were to be processed before getting to us. Furthermore, we are able to choose what secondary ingredients we use in our products to ensure we use the highest quality additives that do not sacrifice our core values, and we always list them.

Another benefit of fresh, raw ingredients is that they contain more nutrients and naturally beneficial components for your skin that would otherwise be eliminated by the preservation process. For example, our resveratrol is made from fresh-pressed organic grapes and our antioxidants are acquired from several fresh-pressed juices and extracts to ensure maximum potency while being able to source these benefits naturally.

At Dahliana we believe in providing the best skincare for all skin types and a key component to that is eliminating chemicals and harsh additives. By using fresh, raw ingredients we are able to provide you with the highest quality natural skincare without sacrificing these beliefs.  


In a world of so many chemicals, I've craved for so long to have a raw, transparent, natural line available. Having worked with dermatologists and prescription skin care, I've realized that there are way too many chemicals in skin care products today. It felt unnecessary. I kept a positive aspect in my skin care line by incorporating 100% effective ingredients without the chemicals. Natural and raw ingredients that have been freshly juiced right in our lab and thus giving our end-users the most amount of micro nutrients! I believe our skin just loves food with Nutritional ingredients! 

Dahliana Skin Care receives fourth Beauty Award by "Les Nouvelles Esthétique

Press Release: Dahliana “Les Nouvelles Esthetiques” magazine and the “Insider Guide For Spa’s” Awards 2016 November 10th 2016
Dahliana Skin Care

Dahliana is delighted to announce that it has been chosen for two Beauty Awards in 2016.

Since launching Dahliana in 2013, the brand has has received numerous Beauty awards for its cold pressed, age defiant, Vegan Skin Care products. Dahliana is renown for outstanding effective skin care with a truly fresh approach to raw beauty for multiple skin types.
The innovative “Skin Whisperer” behind the brand, also known as Carola May, is a German born woman with a deeply embedded background in Clinical Aesthetics. Carola believes that there are hidden roots behind the natural healing science of using cold-pressed juices, Extra Virgin Oils and natural fruit stem cell technologies for our skin. Carola says: “We can’t argue with the power of nature”! “When we align our skin and bodies with nature’s biology, we achieve a synergistic relationship, thus slowing down the process of aging both inside and out”.

How much more natural can we get, than by utilizing the natural biology of Plants and Fruit? Dahliana’s ingredients are 100% Organic when Possible, and are set to change the game of skin care. Dahliana is proud to announce their most recent award for “Best Skin Care product” Fall 2016, with “Les Nouvelles Esthetiques” Magazine and Dahliana’s Summer 2016 award for “Best Skincare Product” for their “Eye Renew Cream”, issued by the “Insider guide for Spas”.


Eating fresh raw ingredients has a vast amount of benefits, people know this but taking this concept to skincare is still considered a fresh idea by some. 

We at Dahliana pride ourself with a one year shelve life. Shorter shelf life equals more active ingredients and a more powerful product for your skin. Super healthy raw products offer sexy & fast results which offer a smart alternative to the main stream skincare on the market today. Cold-pressed Juice is Exemplary
Cold Pressing juices leaves the precious enzymes intact creating an enzyme stimulated base. Cold-pressed juices contain more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than those made with a traditional centrifugal machine. We also use organic cold-pressed oils instead of mineral oils or artificial oils. The amount of oil the producer can extract chemically is proportionally higher -- and results in a less expensive product -- than mechanical processes. 

The new Farm to Face approach. The Entire Dahliana Skin Care Collection is Raw. 


Our Eyes and surrounding area have the most delicate and sensitive skin on our bodies. The skin surrounding the eyes must be treated like a precious gem, as it is four times thinner than anywhere on the rest of our bodies. Our Eyes are very active, subjected to airborne pollutants and blink on the average of 8 -10 times per minute, placing a strain on our under-eye area and making it a top priority to prevent and protect your skin daily.

Here a few tips that will help you achieve the best results:

  • To optimize results, begin using Dahliana "Eye Renew" creme as early as in your twenties.

  • The under eye areas are very delicate and any make-up removal or applications should be performed with the gentlest of strokes and tools.

  • Apply "Eye Renew" creme twice daily, in the morning and evening after cleansing your face.

  • Apply "Eye Renew" creme before applying any other products.

  • Apply "Eye Renew" creme with gentle outward tapping and the lightest of pressure. Pat one pump along the top of each of your cheekbones.

  • Always choose natural and chemical free ingredients that soothe and hydrate the skin and are not too oily or rich in texture.

  • Be sure to source humectant type ingredients such as Evening Primrose Oil, Shea Butter, Grape seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Micro Algae, Peptides, Eyebright Extract, Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract and Collagen boosting ingredients like Co-Enzyme Q10 for best results.

  • Hint: Excess "Eye Renew" may also be applied above upper lip to help prevent upper lip lines.

  • Less Squinting equals less under eye wrinkles. Use sunglasses to prevent squinting.

  • See and experience amazing results by using Dahliana "Eye Renew"creme every day.


We need to think of our skin as needing nourishment and nutrients. Cosmetic skin care strayed so far to the other extreme with added artificial ingredients like acrylics (plastics) and many other unnatural ingredients, one has to ask themselves: "Is this what my skin really needs"? 

Over the last 20 years, my experience and expertise in medical skin care, has helped me to discover that natural ingredients are far more superior and powerful than synthetics. 

Your skin absorbs products just like your body would food. It makes all the difference to feed your skin fresh ingredients and cold-pressed raw skin care. Our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it, so it’s just as important as the food we eat. People aren’t just falling for the hype, nor the candy-coated medical finding notices. Everybody is searching for a more healthy and well-nourished lifestyle these days and for this reason Dahliana Skincare has become very conscious of how we source our own ingredients. There is a very special energy when you stay in tune with being a natural human.



One big misconception about Raw and/or Vegan beauty products is that they can’t be as effective as an Rx brand or Medically endorsed products. That is simply untrue! For example: Most pharmaceuticals on the market are derived from Natural Plants of the Earth but doused in chemicals. With that said it is quite evident that most plant-based ingredients have an endless array of benefits to offer the beauty industry.  The skin is very sensitive and what better way to nourish it than with plant-based fresh products. By going vegan with your skin care products you are avoiding an endless list of chemical ingredients and animal by-products. Thus creating healthy and vibrant skin.


It is a myth that you have to change your daily routine unless you are experiencing changes in your skin or climate. Powerful Antioxidants ingredients in your skin care products do not stop working even with long term use you achieve all the benefits. 

When you find the right Dahliana Skin Care routine you do not have to change your products to receive results.

Your skin cannot get immune to the use of good skin food and healthy ingredients. Keep enjoying your favorite skin care products.


I live surrounded by the most enchanted Sierra Mountains in California. Every day we are allowed to enjoy the tall forests of Cedars and Redwoods overhead and are comforted by the flowing Yuba river. My day trip on horses with my friend Alicia Funk (Author of the book "Living Wild" and CEO of the "Living Wild Project": includes riding our horses on a spring day high up in the mountains. The fields are full of Wildflowers and Golden California Poppies. The scent in the air is so fresh and healing to the soul that I started dreaming of capturing a skincare product with spring and wildflowers in a bottle. It felt to me like a Wildflower serum would be appropriate to capture the California spring! 

We needed to include a healing blend of fruits and flowery aromatherapy to give this serum the most aromatic natural hint of the colorful meadows. 

We rode home that afternoon with thoughts of flowers, the mountains and the fresh air of spring,  Rejuvenated and Young again!

Now we have created the perfect serum for you! Just opening the "Wildflower Youth serum" your skin will be soaking up the precious ingredients and inherent healing properties of of this serum. Enjoy!)


Let's chat about your exfoliating routine! If you have sensitive skin it becomes very difficult to exfoliate your skin without harming your skin. Most scrubs use harsh drying ingredients. We have come up with a great solution for you. Our Daily Therapy scrub!

This gentle creamy vanilla scrub with organic coconut oil and, jojoba beads is the perfect exfoliant for everyday use. Its intoxicating smells of fresh vanilla bean is delicious. It glides on the skin and hydrates whilst gently exfoliating. Coconut oil is one of the miracle ingredients that works by leaving skin your skin soft, glowing and hydrated. Use daily to keep your complexion glowing and hydrated.


Finally we are ready for the Springtime and our Skin is in desperate need for a Spring Cleaning. When the winter lets us get away with little skin issue these only show up on the blank canvas of the sunny spring days.  It is time to recover your beautiful flawless complexions!

This is an opportunity to start fresh try new things and also make a break away from toxic skincare and ingredients. Your skin is the largest breathing organ. It loves to be nourished. Dahliana has developed an extremely effective short cut to beautiful skin. We strive to offer a simple anti-aging routine for any skin type. Remember when skincare works you do not need to switch your main products around unless there is a seasonal change. You will continue to see results and improvement with these powerhouse ingredients: Co- Enzyme Q 10, Resveratrol, Hyaluronic Acid. Your first Spring step could be trying something new.




In my years of experience working in the medical Skincare field I have encountered many ingredients that have a profound effect on aging and work amazing for age prevention.

Dahliana is bulid around many of these ingredients:

1. Pharma Grade Co Enzyme Q102

2. Fruit Stem Cells

3. Hyaluronic acid

4. Resveratrol

Keep a few things in mind – we have a tremendous amount of control over how our skin ages. About 20% of skin aging is genetic and the rest is caused by the environment – sun, stress, pollution, disease, medication, our overall health, etc. Following smart skincare steps like protecting your skin from the sun on a daily basis, keeping your skin barrier intact in order to prevent skin disease and chronic inflammation to the skin, eating a diet rich in antioxidants, and not smoking will all help keep your skin looking good. If you follow all these steps does that mean your skin will never sag or wrinkle? Of course not, but if you follow a few simple steps everyday you can definitely help maintain your youthful glow and edge for longer. So keep in mind that when you use your Antioxidant serum every morning you are preserving your skin for the long run – building collagen and fighting inflammation in order to prevent the aging effects of chronic inflammation.



We are stepping into the winter season... When summer & fall skincare was lighter & breezier and all about protecting your skin, the winter is the time to deeply repair, restore & rehydrate your skin. In short winter is the season to lavish your skin with good nutrients and vitamins to repair past summers sins:

Some of our Dahliana Skincare Products work great to repair your skin this winter:

Number one is our deeply hydrating Dahliana “Rice Hydro Peptide Serum”. It contains fresh apple juice and yes a little bit of Cannabis Sativa (Hemp oil). In all seriousness, however, Hemp oil is extremely hydrating and moisture balancing!

I also love to use the Rice Hydro Peptide serums on those gray days where I need the extra glow! It works instantly when it is applied! The Hyaluronic acid in our Rice Hydro Peptide serum creates an ideal environment for the generation of new skin cells and plays an important role in tissue hydration and cellular function. It’s unsurpassed hydrating properties result in a smoother, softer and younger look.